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Sample Estimates
Since our inception in 1985, we have performed
over 10,000 estimates worth billions of dollars, across a wide range of industries and project
types. For your viewing pleasure, we have
selected a number of projects so that you can
see for yourself the high-quality construction
cost estimates we turn out.

Simply click on an industry sector below to bring you to more detailed
listings of projects therein. Then click on the project estimate to view. 

Projects by Sector

Civil Engineering

Educational, Cultural, Scientific
Transportation and Industrial Residential
Administrative and Commercial Parking Garages
Health and Welfare Military and Library
Refreshment, Entertainment, Recreation Courthouses




Project Estimates by Sector

1.   Civil Engineering

a.      Bridge     

2.      Transportation and Industrial

a.      Auto Dealership

b.      Auto Maintenance

c.      Bus Fuel and Service Facility

d.      Train Station

e.      Train Maintenance facility

f.        Public Works Facility

g.      Municipal Service Center

 3.      Administrative and Commercial

a.      Fire Station

b.      Police Headquarters

c.      Post Office

d.      Postal Annex

e.      Distribution Center Warehouse

f.        Branch Bank

g.      Office Building

4.      Health & Welfare

a.      Hospital Health Center

b.      Rehabilitation Center 

5.      Refreshment, Entertainment and Recreation

a.      Civic Center

b.      Pool and Bathhouse

c.      Fraternal Lodge

d.      Sports and Recreation Facility

6.      Educational, Cultural and Scientific

a.      Elementary School

b.      Middle School

                                                              i.      Middle School Gym

c.      High School

                                                              i.      City High School

                                                            ii.      Suburban High School

d.      College Science Lab

e.      College Foundation Building

f.        Art Museum

g.      Zoo Predators Containment Building

7.      Residential

a.      Garden Hotel

b.      Hotel High Rise

c.      Elderly Housing/Assisted Living

8.      Parking Garages

a.      Elevated Parking Garage

9.      Military and Library

a.      Public Library

b.      Memorial Library

c.     Military Administration Building

10.   Courthouses

a.      District Courthouse 

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