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Construction Cost Engineering of Boston offers a complete line of Pre-Construction Estimating, Construction Document Estimating and Construction Estimating Software Services, 
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Construction Cost Estimates

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purchase our C2E construction cost estimating software for use
in your business, with the option of professional customization
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At Construction Cost Engineering of Boston, we have the ability, experience and tools to accommodate all of your
estimating needs, from conception through construction, with
early response speed, professionalism and most importantly

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Pre-Construction Services

Construction Cost Estimates

Conceptual Estimate
In the conceptual or pre-schematic state, we prepare the cost estimate with very little specific project information available, no drawings and a preliminary study only.  It is normally used during the early stage of a project to determine if the project is feasible or economically justifiable with only broad general parameters available. The Estimating time required to prepare this type of conceptual cost estimate is minimal and the corresponding limits of accuracy are wide.

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Schematic Estimate
The schematic design estimate is prepared when the decision has been made to proceed with the project. This type of cost estimate may be for the total expected construction cost. Quite often it may be the cost of various sub elements in the structure to select the most economical building system during this design phase.  The estimate becomes more specific, requires more time to prepare and consequently becomes more accurate.

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Design Development Estimate
The design development estimate will illustrate the scope and level of quality of the project. There should be no further changes in spatial layout, basic materials, structural, or mechanical and electrical systems. The basic design elements should be considered "frozen" subject to change only for extremely compelling reasons. The estimate now is the basis for a reliable construction cost.

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Construction Document Estimate
The construction document estimate takes place after the project is ready to be constructed under a firm contract price. In this phase, a formal proposal is submitted, the project design drawings and specifications have all been completed, and calendar time frame for construction has been established. This estimate has the most project information available and consequently a substantial amount of estimating effort is required for measurements of quantities, cost analysis and cost summation, which provide the most accurate estimate for the project. All of these general type estimates will use the 16-division CSI MASTERFORMAT.

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Consultation During Project Development

  • Schedule and attend meetings with Architect and Owner during the development of conceptual and preliminary (schematic design to advise on site use and improvements.

  • Select materials, building systems and equipment.

  •  Provide recommendations on construction, feasibility, availability of materials and labor, and time requirements for construction.

  • Costing alternative designs or materials for preliminary budgets and possible economies.

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  • Develop a project time schedule that coordinates and integrates the architects design effort with a construction schedule.

  • Update the project schedule incorporating a detailed schedule of construction activities that allow for processing of shop drawings, samples, and delivery of items requiring long lead times.

  • Include the owner's unique requirements for occupancy which may include the phasing of the construction schedule.  

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Coordination of Contract Documents

  • Review the drawings and specifications, as they are prepared.

  • Make recommendations and alternate solutions whenever the design details affect construction feasibility on construction schedules.  

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Construction Services

Construction Planning

  • Recommend for purchase, and expedite the procurement of long lead items to insure construction sequence schedule.

  • Make recommendations to Architect and Owner on areas of conflict and overlapping of work by Sub-Contractors.

  • Prepare pre-qualification criteria for bidders.

  • Develop Sub Contractor's interest in the project as working and specifications are completed.

  • Analyze bids and make recommendation to Owners on awarding of contracts.

  • Prepare a coordination schedule to be used by Owner and General Contractor for on site control, rapid impact of proposed changes and rapid processing of payment requests.

  • Monitor construction progress to provide early warning of delays and to verify percentage of work complete, using the coordination schedule in conjunction with the General Contractor's construction schedule.

  • Cost control integrated with schedule control for Owner's use in review and approval of General Contractor's payment requests and change orders impacting the budget.

  • Project progress meetings at the construction site as required. The focus of these meetings shall be coordination of work, transmission of information, review of General Contractor's requests for payment and problem identification and resolution.

  • Close out the job in conjunction with the Architect's detailed schedule of project close out activities including punch list produced by project participants and the monitoring of their completion.

  • Analysis and expert testimony, as necessary, will be provided, related to any claim that might arise on the project.  

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Construction Cost Estimating C2E Software

C2E of Boston has built the most sophisticated and user-friendly construction cost estimating application in the world today. This highly advanced software system has been proven for over 16 years and billions of dollars worth of cost estimates. Construction Cost Estimating, C2E may be licensed and used for the purposes of standard cost estimating projects. Further customization is available from the team at Construction Cost Engineering of Boston.  

Unique features of our estimating software include: 

  • Microsoft Windows-based application built using powerful Microsoft Access database enabling fully-relational database structure.
  • Built for standalone or networked environments
  • Easily adaptable to any geographic location simply by exchanging the material price files, equipment price files and labor price files (whether union, open shop or prevailing wages.)
  • Comprehensive search functionality by CSI specification number or key word, eliminating guesswork of where prices are filed.
  • Detailed unit price estimates with total man-hours of each craft and total days of equipment usage.
  • Reports in either the 16-division CSI MASTERFORMAT or the 12 functional elements of UNIFORMAT.
  • Flexibility to report in the users' own standard code of accounts or pay items.  

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