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What are you waiting for? Contact Construction Cost Engineering of Boston for the most accurate estimates and professional service in the industry. And, with our 24-hour guarantee, you can send us your plans and specifications today and have a cost proposal within 24 hours of receipt. Or try our highly advanced, Windows-based construction cost estimating system, C2E®, perfected over 16 years and billions of dollars worth of cost estimates. 

Our cost estimating software was designed to leverage the power ease of use of Windows functionality. And, using a fully-relational database structure, users can work in standalone or networked environments. Now, you and your team can perform thorough pre-construction cost estimates for your clients, at the click of a mouse.

C2E, a trade secret since its inception in 1985, is in its fourth generation, and is now available for license. And, unlike  competitors' cost estimating systems, with C2E, you have the option of professional customization by our team of Construction Cost Engineers and developers, with over 30 years of cost estimating experience.


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Why Us

Our President and Founder

John T. Kenny, Jr., President of Construction Cost Engineering of Boston,
a Civil Engineer and Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) has over thirty years of
construction cost estimating, construction management and supervision
experience. Mr. Kenny holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and
Structural Engineering from Northeastern University and an A&E Degree
in Building Construction from Wentworth Institute.  

Mr. Kenny’s Microsoft Access-based Construction Cost Estimating® (C2E®) software, now in its fourth generation, was the first of its kind, and has been time tested for over 16 years, on billions of dollars
worth of construction cost estimates.

Director of Cost Control for Howard Johnson Company, Mr. Kenny was responsible for all construction
cost estimates and new and renovation projects budgets. He reviewed and approved all construction bids submitted by the General Contractor before contracts were granted. He also reviewed and approved all change orders for accuracy and completeness and tracked all Hotel and Restaurant Construction Projects schedules, including both cost and time variances.

Previously, Mr. Kenny served as Vice President of Production for R.S. Means Co., Inc., responsible
for personnel management, work scheduling for all engineers, estimators, statisticians, draftsmen
and graphics. He was Chief Estimator on all Consulting Projects, Director of educational seminars
and oversaw the development of R.S. Means Master Data File of over 50,000 construction cost line items
and served as Editor of eleven annual R.S. Means Cost Manuals.

Mr. Kenny is a Certified Cost Engineer, Registration #00372, a member and past President of The
American Association of Cost Engineers International, The American Society of Civil Engineers, and
past Chairman of the Marshfield Housing Authority.    


Our Mission

Construction Cost Engineering of Boston serves Architects and Engineers
in the construction industry by improving productivity and efficiency during
the planning, design and construction phases. We provide a full range of
cost estimating, scheduling and construction management services across
all stages of project development. We aim to provide our customers with
the best possible value, from the earliest days of planning through construction






Company Profile

Construction Cost Engineering of Boston offers a complete line of Pre-Construction Estimating, Construction Document Estimating and Construction Estimating Software services, as well
as the opportunity to purchase our C2E construction cost estimating software for use in your business,
with the option of professional customization by the C2E staff.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Construction, Schematic, Design Development and Construction Document Estimates
  • Consultation throughout project development
  • Comprehensive Project Scheduling
  • Contract Document Coordination


  • Complete construction planning
  • Bid analysis
  • Onsite schedule control and progress monitoring
  • Change order Control
  • Assistance through job completion
  • Analysis and expert witness testimony

 Construction Estimating Software Services

  • Option to license our Construction Cost Estimating® (C2E®) software
  • Leverages the power and ease of use of Microsoft Windows
  • Built on industry-standard Microsoft® Access
  • Create your own standard cost estimates.
  • Ability to seek professional customization through C2E of Boston staff.
  • Access to our detailed Unit Price Construction Cost Database.
  • Customization of the users' own database of commonly used line items.


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